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Module 3 Summary

So we just wrapped up learning InDesign for module 3. Overall my impressions of InDesign is that it’s a program that’s best for formatting and is more the organized librarian older sister in the Adobe Suite. Illustrator and Photoshop are allow an exploration of creativity that I have found most enjoyable in all of the modules. Our first project I struggled with understanding the grids and InDesign seemed so foreign to me.  Working through it and understanding the flow of tools I eventually understood and really enjoyed the fact that InDesign makes it easy to set up and make any document look professional. There are so many reasons it is helpful to know InDesign, and as I get further in a creative job market I know that there is a lot formatted in this program.

Our larger project was our Artist Profiles.  It was an opportunity to organize, display, and write about our work. I worked rather simply in InDesign, trying to remember that “less is more.”  I wanted the color scheme & text to reflect my work. In preparation I looked up some artists webpages and their styling that I admired.



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