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Module 2 Summary PHOTOSHOP

Photoshop, like most of the adobe suite, used to be a lot of guessing for me. Over the past couple of weeks we have learned the various techniques in photoshop-our first project-cloning of selves can be seen here: this was a project that got me really interested in the layer mask affect and the multiple things you can do with it.

As you can see I had some fun merging my face with Anna Paquin’s. The doors that have been opened creatively because of my knowledge now of photo doctoring! Phew! I found this first project helpful, and necessary sequentially before our second project digital painting. Digital painting is such a broad subject matter, I feel like you have to have a grip on photoshop techniques before you dive into the complicated world of digital painting. Because I am a dork, and an avid Star Wars fan I have been aware and moderately obsessed with concept art for awhile. I kept in mind the techniques used in the first homework for my digital painting. We were to convey an emotion using textures, photographs etc. I ventured into the woods with a set of costumes to first start with a photograph that I knew I wanted to paint over. My own photography of course. This was one of the first assignments where really I was only appropriating myself. (Ie the postcard assignment we took other images from the net etc.)

I was quite pleased with the result. I used a mixture of layer mask techniques, painting, changing opacity, the smudge tool, really I utilized most of what photoshop has to offer. The end result is quite different from my original photograph

Oh the wonders of photoshop!



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